Hitachi canister vacuum cleaner 2200w, CVBA22V24CBS

Model CVBA22V24CBS
Key Features
  • Excellent Performance for Sand Dust Collection
  • Large 6.0L Dust Capacity
  • Incredible Suction Power
  • Hygienic Air
  • Multi Angle Head
  • Sand Blower
  • Accessories – Way More to Clean Your Home
  • Big, Foot-Controlled Design
  • Large Φ180mm Wheels
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Excellent Performance for Sand Dust Collection
Auto Suction Booster
150% Longer-Lasting Strong Suction Power
Just pull out the power cord to activate the Auto Suction Booster and vibrate the filter, and clogs in the bag are removed to maintain strong suction.

How a Vacuum Cleaner Loses Strong Suction Power
Tiny pores in the bag clog with sand and dust, blocking the airflow from the motor. This causes suction power to fall before the bag is full, resulting in dust getting left behind.

Large 6.0L Dust Capacity
Thanks to Hitachi's 3D High-Density Design,The unit can hold a big 6.0L of sand dust in an 8.0L dust bag.
This enables you to vacuum the house from corner to corner while reducing the frequency of dust disposal.

Incredible Suction Power
The application of fluid analysis techniques has resulted in a high efficiency design that generates the high power that's the source of the powerful suction.

Hygienic Air
Fine Dust Captured by the HEPA* & Nano Titanium Filter
The exhaust filter is detachable for quick, easy maintenance before you continue cleaning.
Well-designed exhaust air filter reduces fine dust lifted up from the ground.

Multi Angle Head
Rotates 90° each side to clean narrow areas and crevices.
Head stays flat for thorough cleaning even under low furniture.

Sand Blower
Blows away sand and light dust particles with a powerful airflow to clean places such as entrances and hallways.

Accessories – Way More to Clean Your Home
Various accessories enable easy cleaning of quick spot cleaning and hard-to-reach spaces.

Big, Foot-Controlled Design
Comes with variable power control, power ON/OFF pedals and Auto Power Cord Rewind Pedals.

Large Φ180mm Wheels
The large wheels assure light, smooth movement.

Type Canister
Wet & Dry No
Bagless No
Motor Power 2200 (W)
Dust Capacity 6.0 (L)
Auto Suction Booster Yes
Remote Control No
Power Control Yes
Blower Function Yes
Grip Handle Yes
Tool Holder / Storage Yes
Automatic Cord Reel Yes
HEPA Filter Yes
HEPA Type H13
Telescopic Pipe Yes
Type of Pipe N/A
Multi Angle Head Yes
Smart Head No
Wide 2 Step Head No
Crevice Nozzle Yes
Dusting Brush Yes
Type of Bag Cloth
Seven Stage Filtration No
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