S8+ LED View Cover - BlackEF-NG955P

Model EF-NG955P
Key Features
  • Control on the cover
  • Make it personal
  • LED View Cover
  • Useful card pocket
AED 208.95
In stock

Make your phone as sleek on the screen as it is on the outside. The led view cover comes with custom themes, so you can change your phone and reflect your style with ease.


Led lights provide pertinent information so you can control your phone without opening the cover. Turn off alarms or answer and reject calls with a swipe. And by setting custom contact icons, you can make caller id fun.

Key Features
Key Feature 01 Control on the cover
Key Feature 02 Make it personal
Key Feature 03 LED View Cover
Key Feature 04 Useful card pocket
Key Feature 05 N/A
Key Feature 06 N/A
Key Feature 07 N/A
Key Feature 08 N/A
Key Feature 09 N/A
Key Feature 10 N/A
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