Samsung 6.5kg top loading washing machine, WA65K4000HA

Model WA65K4000HA
Key Features
  • Activ Dualwash™
  • Wobble Technology
  • Magic Filter
AED 1,090.95
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Dedicated sink and water jet

The Samsung WA4500 washing machine’s Activ Wash+ system includes a dedicated sink, which provides a convenient and unique space to hand-wash delicate items and pre-wash heavily soiled clothes. Especially as it includes a built-in water jet on the side, which can be started and stopped with the press of a button. And any water leftover can then be used for washing clothes in the drum below.

Advanced fabric care and cleaning

The Samsung washing machine’s innovative Wobble technology provides gentle care on fabric while still boasting an outstanding washing performance. The unique structure of its Wobble pulsators generates a dynamic, multi-directional washing flow that prevents tangles, twists and knots and thoroughly cleans clothes with its enhanced stain-fighting capabilities.

Easy opening, easy viewing

The Samsung WA4500 washing machine’s lid is designed to open and close smoothly and silently, so there are no unexpected bangs! It also features a tempered glass window, so you can easily view your washing without lifting the lid. And it’s also extremely durable and resistant to scratches and damage, so it will last a long time.

Soft and gentle on clothes

The Diamond Drum features a unique “soft curl” design with smooth, diamond-shaped ridges that†s supremely gentle on your clothes. Its small water exit holes also help protect fabric by minimising the cases where clothes are trapped and damaged.

Easy and safe to control

The Samsung WA4500 washing machine features a Rear Control Panel, which is located at the back of the machine. So it provides better visibility and ease of use, while also being protected from water splashes when you†re hand and pre-washing. The panel’s dual cluster design also clearly separates the control buttons, so they’re much simpler to learn and intuitive to use.

Easily clean stubborn stains

The Samsung WA4500 washing machine is equipped with a rubbing board. So it’s easier and more comfortable to pre-wash and scrub the heavily stained areas of clothes, like collars and cuffs, before starting a normal washing cycle.

Water Jet

The dedicated sink has a built-in water jet on the side, so it†s extremely easy to get water when you need to hand-wash clothes. Especially as it can be started and stopped with the press of a button.

Dedicated Sink

The dedicated sink provides a convenient and dedicated space to hand-wash delicate items and pre-wash heavily soiled clothes before quickly moving them into the drum below for a regular wash.

Elegant Blue Display

The streamline, modern design is complemented by a brilliant ice blue LED display that adds an extra touch of style. It provides extremely clear information about the selected programs, so the machine’s much easier to control.

Type Fully Automatic Top Load
Inverter Control No
Auto Self Clean Yes
Max Spin Speed [RPM] N/A
Variable Spin Control No
Washing Temperature N/A
Delicate Fabric Care Yes
Number of Washing Programms 7
Drum Type Diamond
Drum Diameter [cm] N/A
Auto Power Off No
Fully Auto Restart No
Child Lock Yes
Timer Setting N/A
Tangle Free Finish No
Water Power Control No
Memory Option No
Delay Timer No
Sensor Systems
Revolution Sensor No
Load Sensor No
Water Temperature Sensor No
Water Level Sensor No
Foam Detection Sensor No
Optional Menus
Intensive No
Pre Wash No
Extra Rinse Yes
Rinse Hold No
Consumption Class
Energy Consumption [Kwh/Cycle] N/A
Water Consumption [L/Cycle] N/A
Energy Class (EU Standard) N/A
Spin Class (EU Standard) N/A
Dimensions (w*h*d) [cm] 54 x 98.2 x 56.8
Minumum Installation Dimensions (w*h*d) [cm] N/A
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