TCL Web Camera for Smart TV, CM550

Model CM550
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CM550 is the whole network only designed adsorption type camera for TVcustom, can be directly adsorbed on the middle of the top shelf TV, do not needto support, so it appears very coordinated with TV appearance, has the following characteristics:

CM550 the bottom is flat with magnet, adsorption type, suitable for TV at the top is the material of metal machine, can be directly sucked. Is 5700-6700-5500-5610-5620-5690 and the IDG arts TV original camera, and on top of thesemachines are made of metal materials. The appearance of cm550 with the seriesbecause of integrated design of the original, like a TV set eyes very harmoniousappearance, do not feel is outside with up. 2, CM550 is the automatic focusing distance, other cameras generally need tomanually adjust the focal length, QQ video is more suitable for CM550. Because if you use the other if the camera focal length adjustment well after we basicallycouldn't walk, move the focus is not appropriate to see each other on the lowresolution. But CM550 is the automatic focusing distance can be in the roompacing back and forth to chat. CM550 can realize the function of: 1. Gesture recognition, using hand gestures to play games or use gesturesinstead of remote controller. 2. Face recognition: automatic control switch machine through TV camera for face recognition 3. Jump, teach or learn dance all kinds of dances 4. Qvideo communication 5. Camera.

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