Terms and Conditions:

  • The claim will be addressed only when you present the original copy of the cash memo and applicable documents.
  • All claims have to be reported to Eros Customer care immediately and documents have to be submitted within 15 days from the date of occurrence of damage.
  • For availing the claim in case of theft or fire, you can write to estore@erosgroup.ae with the Original cash memo and supporting documents. You would be issued a credit note within 15 working days of receipt of claim, which can be redeemed at erosdigitalhome.ae upon the acceptance of the claim from concerned department.

The amount on the credit note would be derived after considering the depreciation, as detailed below.

  • Within 3 months of purchase: Nil
  • 3 months and 1day to 6 months: 10% depreciation
  • 6 months and 1 day to 1 year: 20% depreciation

  • In case of loss due to theft or motor vehicle accident, the claim should be supported with a police report confirming the incident of theft and evidence of forcible entry.
  • In case of loss/ damage due to fire, the claim should be supported with a Police report/Civil Defense Report confirming the same.
  • Losses/Damage arising due to mysterious disappearance or negligence or forgetfulness on the part of the customer is excluded from insurance. Theft or Loss to the unit in an unattended/unlocked vehicle, are also not covered. All events must be supported with visible evident and certified by appropriate authorities. The item purchased using the credit note issued won’t be insured.